Save on Gas with a Fuel-Efficient Automobile

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Ways You Can Improve the Fuel-Efficiency of Your Auto

With rising fuel costs, everyone wants to get the most out of their tank. Whether it’s hitting the road for travel or stretching out your miles per gallon on your work commute, a fuel efficient auto can help shave off some of the expense of filling up your tank. Fortunately, there are some fuel-efficient driving techniques that can help you save money. 

While not driving as often may seem the most logical, it’s not always a viable option for many drivers. The following can help you stretch your gas dollars further.

Plan driving trips

With some planning, you can tackle all of your errands and avoid rush-hour traffic jams. Plan your daily commute and errands in one swoop. Longer trips help warm the engine and bring it to the optimum fuel-efficient temperature. Map the route beforehand so you can avoid backtracking. You can also use your GPS system or listen to traffic reports to reroute and avoid traffic heavy areas. 

Avoid engine idling

Sitting in line to grab a bite to eat or waiting in carpool with the engine running wastes fuel. To help conserve this precious commodity, turn off the engine when you know you can’t move forward for a while. 

Maintain a steady speed

Slow and steady wins the race. With a gentle acceleration after a stop and gradual momentum, you can save money on fill ups. Flooring the accelerator and quick stops use more fuel and end up costing you more money at the gas pump. 

Choose a fuel-efficient auto

VW fuel efficient

A fuel-efficient auto or electric can help reduce fuel costs and reduce environmental pollution and smog. Cleaner air and less fuel is a win-win for everyone. 

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